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Thread: "The Help Me Help My German Shepherd"Sell

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    Okay. Let me give that a whirl. Thanks!

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    Just let me know if interested, and praying for your doggo, they’re better to us than we humans deserve

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    I'm interested in some of your butterfly items. Do you know what the butterflies in the chest do, if anything?

    I hope your pup gets better. Been there, in fact I spent some quality time in the animal ER this past weekend with my kitty.

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    I don't know much about those butterfly items but I can see what I can find out tomorrow morning (I'm going off memory and about to sleep but I think those butterflies are in a bottle in my locker?). The pup is getting better. She's wanting to play more and acting back to normal so that's a plus. So I think the shot is working and so is the pain med. 7 more shots to go... not sure about the once a month of it afterward though based off what I've read on google since everything I'm finding is only saying 8 shots in one month and nothing about once a month afterward so meh. But I'm going to keep her on the joint supplement "treat"from what I've read / researched so far. I hope your kitty is better. Never fun to go to the vet for emergencies / hear really depressing news

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    Acupuncture is working for my dog. Kitty is better, but hating the meds.

    some double-layered heavy black forging gloves - Is there more to this than a really nice description?
    a shimmering green orb - RPA?

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    Positive vibes to you and your pup. Dogs are the best thing the planet’s got for us and it’s wretched to see them not doing well.

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    I want to say that OmegaMoo was great working with and a trust worthy seller.
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    She's still pretty active so I'm thinking she's going to be okay as long as she doesn't overdo playing. Dogs are most definitely life *nods sagely*

    The forging are just fluff with a nice description to the best of my knowledge (I was kind of disappointed honestly). I think they were sold during an EG.. Butterflies... they appear to be just butterflies flying in the bottle and I can't find anything else special about them nor a way to get them out heh.

    If I'm not mistaken, I think the ebonwood butterfly is account bound (It was given to people at EG).

    a stained glass butterfly cuff set with lotus white crystal wings If I remember right (I can test this when I'm not busy), this is wearable and you just rub it and based off whatever gem or orb or whatever that goes into it, you will get a cast of whatever spell. Also the color of the wings is based on the color of the gem/orb thingy that goes into it. I remember that much.. I just haven't used it heh.

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    Just be careful about the currency you accept from Xred. It is bound to have fleas.

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