an ancient hunting horn

The horn's natural ridges and raised areas have been chased with bright vaalor. Scrimshawed into the surface of the ancient ram's horn are entwined scenes of the hunt. One in particular stands out, depicting a pack of massive hounds pursuing a fleeing hart among the vaalor ridges in a never-ending chase. The workmanship is so detailed that when you peer closely you can see the hound's mouths agape as they bay in pursuit.

As you blow into the hunting horn, a deep series of notes issue forth from it. The notes grow louder and it's volume increases creating a fierce wind.
Your surroundings blur for a moment . . .

Can be worn on belt.

It's a self mana spirit guide (130), old style, so single, not double mana like new SM items. No RT, no spell hindrance, works in some places where regular magic and symbol of return are restricted. Does not break unlike other horns!

250k scrip or paypal at 4.75 per