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Thread: Daggers and short swords

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    I have the following weapons available for possible sale or trade. I'm looking for HCW or better daggers, short swords, and rogue/TWC items. No. 1 is probably the item I'm least likely to let go of, but I wanted to include it as a possibility.

    1. a black vultite braquemar pommeled with a broken white skull, 45m
    6x, HCW, greater void flares, T3

    2. a keen-edged elven gladius, 50m
    +33, elegant forging, grapple flares, HCW, T4
    >l glad
    The edge of this gladius was clearly crafted by an elf of superior skill as it is sharp enough to split a feather in two. The hilt is uniquely crafted in the form of a buxom Faendryl wench. You notice a small enchanter's glyph and Kzfoul's crafting mark. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the gladius.

    3. a shimmering vultite tanto, 55m
    8x, somewhat damage weighted, somewhat (85 services) crit weighted, T3, unbalance flares

    4. drakar short sword, SOLD!
    6x, somewhat crit weighted (70 services), fire flares, TWC scripts

    5. rhimar spike, SOLD!
    6x, zesty switchblade dagger, somewhat crit weighted (75 services), cold flares, loresong
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    I sold numbers 4 and 5, so I've got a little walking around money. Less inclined to sell the others now, but if you have daggers/short swords to trade (preferably HCW or better), let me know. Thanks.

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