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I think Naos means well. The problem is he's still stuck in GS3 where everything has to be a super secret formula because reasons, and follows the same general retarded make-everything-slow-and-tedious-and-boring-as-fuck-because-that's-how-we-did-it-playing-pen-and-paper-rpgs-and-by-golly-we-loved-it thought process that people like Doug and Krakii are all about.
It was genuinely worrisome when he expressed surprise at someone's figure at how much demand there was for plain 4x noob gear in their shop. Also equally worrisome that he seemed confused that someone would refer to their lvl 96 wizard that they no longer hunted on as worthless after this update.

It's like he means well, but the autism just prevents him from understanding common sense expectations and such the players have. Or he did understand, and was just being passive aggressive. Who knows.