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Thread: Enchanting

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    I keep hoping that the new currency was an April fools day joke

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lupine1732 View Post
    I keep hoping that the new currency was an April fools day joke
    The first 11 weren't, but keep your fingers crossed!

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    Thought I'd just dump this here quick.

    Small excel spreadsheet to help you figure out cost to enchant an item or others can use it to see what it might cost.

    Column A & B - just a basic table showing each step and the essence cost per step. It's just there for reference should someone want to look at it quick.

    In cell E3 - enter in your item's starting enchantment level (ie: if it's +25, enter in 25)
    In cell F3 - enter in your desired item's ending enchant (ie: you want it taken to 30, enter in 30)
    Cell F4 will show you the total essence amount required to do the enchant

    In cell F8, enter in the amount of silver you wish to charge. This is the amount you'd charge per essence point.
    Cell F7 will show you the total amount in silver for the project

    To be at the 3mil a week, you'd want to use 187.5 silver per essence in cell F8, but you can charge whatever price you want. This will just calculate the cost for you real quick.

    Enchant cost
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