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Thread: +33 HCW grapple flaring short sword

  1. Default +33 HCW grapple flaring short sword

    I like this weapon, but it's not my primary one, so I'd like to see what I could get in sale or trade. I'm looking for silvers or a dagger of some sort perhaps. And yes, the weapon's description is a little... sophomoric.

    a keen-edged elven gladius

    Properties: +33, elegant forging, grapple flares, HCW, T4

    >l glad
    The edge of this gladius was clearly crafted by an elf of superior skill as it is sharp enough to split a feather in two. The hilt is uniquely crafted in the form of a buxom Faendryl wench. You notice a small enchanter's glyph and Kzfoul's crafting mark. A strange necrotic haze radiates from the gladius.

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    I’ve only just entered the short sword game and can’t any anywhere. Is it normal to find a HCW 6+ enchant for 50m mb or is this out of the ordinary cheap?

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    If it's cheap I'm glad to raise the price! (To be honest I'm not sure where the market's at either.)

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    I would say the price is about right. There is always a little give and take though.

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    Standard 6x (+30), HCW weapons have been selling for 30m+ after the duskruin when they went out "accidentally" in bulk. Sometimes as much as 40mil. Add flares on there, which is 30k BS for grapple, and T4 ensorcell, and the price is probably a bit on the cheaper side.
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    It is a good blade, I’ve owned it 2-3 times. You can’t go wrong with it.

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    Just curious. What metal is it forged from, and have you tested difficulty of doing the T5?

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    It inspects as vultite. I haven't tried a T5. Bought it as a T4.

    I'm still open to selling or trading this weapon but am now glad to keep it, as I sold some stuff and have a little more silver now.

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