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Thread: Tariffs on China!

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    Exclamation Tariffs on China!

    Huge announcement from Donald Trump this morning!

    Because the new tariffs will stop commercial sales of agricultural products by farmers, the U.S. government will start buying the farm products and giving them away to people in other counties to help poor and starving people. Helping others has always been Trump's main ambition. We will move the outputs of farm production to a collectivist distribution for the benefit of all. Chinese Communists picked the wrong country to mess with!

    The colors of the world
    Are changing day by day.
    Red, the blood of angry men!
    Black, the dark of ages past!
    Red, a world about to dawn!
    Black, the night that ends at last!

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    Also, Trump should prove his first tweet by showing one of the checks written by China to the Treasury. Because some fake news people are trying to say that China has not paid a single dollar in tariffs. That's a crazy thing to say, because Trump would have to be an idiot to claim that China had paid massive amounts if it could easily be proven that they had not. Therefore, China has paid massive tariffs.

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    So we're bailing out the farmers again.
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    Bailing out farmers is as American as apple pie.
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    I bet the bailed out farmers have some awesomely spicy takes about welfare, though!

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    I'm sure they are avidly against any sort of socialism as well.
    Anonymous is an Idea - not a group.

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