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Thread: Enhancives and Adv Guild Recharge

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    Hey does anyone know if the adv guild recharge sets it back to full batteries? If so roughly how many hours of use does a fully adv guild recharged enhancive last?

    Follow up, how do you tell if an enhancive is almost out of charges? analyze?

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    Yes, charging them at the guild will fill them up. I'm not sure how long they last, but it's a very long time.

    One thing you can do to really make them last, is buy an armoire from the advguild, and easily take your enhancives on and off before/after each hunt.

    There is a command, INVENTORY ENHANCIVE, that will tell you if you are wearing or holding anything with 1 charge left. You will also get the message: "Your <adjective noun> faintly pulses with light and you sense its enhancive magic will be depleted soon." I'd suggest you highlight that string in your FE so you don't miss it.

    The only other way to know charges, is to have a bard loresing to it.

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    The AG recharge adds 10 charges or 10% of the total charges, whichever is greater, IIRC. It does last quite awhile, but you'd have to do it multiple times to max your badge.
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    Try this one weird trick to save your AG points. Never charge your badge more than once. By the time it runs out, you might need different enhancives (redo your badge), in which case your double+ charging of your badge will be wasted
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    Thanks for the advice. Will try!

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