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Thread: Dwarven Infantry Items

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    Default Dwarven Infantry Items

    Looking for any of the old Dwarven Infantry items. Backpack, satchel, boots etc... If you have any of these sitting in a locker and want to sell them, let me know.

    You can respond here or DM me in discord at Loki.


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    Not selling, but I can help with the list of dwarven items some:

    dwarven war harness
    dwarven war girdle
    dwarven infantry boots
    dwarven infantry backpack
    dwarven infantry gear satchel
    dwarven eonake arm guards
    dwarven eonake leg guards
    full suit of invar platemail etched with ancient dwarven runes
    well-forged dwarven war helm
    silver-tooled dwarven torque

    All get used fairly regularly because Clunk is Clunk.

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    There is also a silver dwarven horned helm from the past.

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    Thanks for the list. It's been so long i forgot about a couple of those.

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    I seem to also remember a dwarven wand belt of some sort that used to make the rounds back in the day.

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    I know someone has to have bought these items and left them to rot in a locker forever. Please reach out to me if you have any of the above mentioned items that you would like to sell.

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    I still use my 2/200 dwarven infantry backpack. Love it!

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    If by chance you aren’t just looking to collect the old set, the right merchant can probably alter dwarven infantry items. I’ve had “a dwarven infantry survival kit” and “an eonake-banded golvern infantry shield” made during the last year.
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    Still looking if anyone has these items they want to sell.

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    Still looking.

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