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Thread: Spring Spectacular: The Big One - Enchant Updated !

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    Spell 925, Enchant Item has been reworked! Say goodbye to your temper potions and forget the days of waiting, this new spell will immediately increase the bonus of a piece of gear by 1 on a successful attempt! However, such speed and ease requires more magical oomph, and that comes in the form of essence. Wizards will find that they can now SENSE how much essence they have accumulated and how strong of an enchantment that will allow them to complete.

    Essence is gathered by spending mana when casting offensive spells at enemies of an appropriate level for the caster to earn experience by killing them. Offensive spells generally include anything you can't cast in a sanctuary. Each cast generates a sort of magical static which clings to the caster; being well trained in Elemental Mana Control helps a Wizard gather more static. On a mana pulse, a portion of that static is absorbed as essence for enchanting; being well trained in Harness Power and Elemental Lore: Water increases the maximum amount of essence that can be absorbed this way. Any unabsorbed static is generally lost, but if the Wizard is trained in Elemental Lore: Air a portion will carry over to the next mana pulse. Wizards trained in Elemental Lore: Fire will find their spell casting yields additional essence on average.

    Casting spell 925 will allow a Wizard to evaluate their chance to successfully enchant the targeted item. This will prompt the caster to CHANNEL the spell to make a proper attempt. On a successful attempt, the bonus of the item is increased by 1. On a failed attempt the Wizard loses 10% of the essence the attempt would have cost if it had succeeded.

    The essence costs for each cast follow a simple pattern. If the current bonus of the item is less than 25, the cost is 100 essence per point of bonus. If the current bonus of the item is 25 or higher, the cost is 2400 essence plus 2400 per point above 24. This is the cost to increase the bonus of the item by 1 point. e.g. from +24 to +25 costs 2400 essence; from +49 to +50 costs 62400 essence; from +0 to +1 costs zero essence. The amount of essence a Wizard can gather and store is capped weekly at 16000 and overal at 64000.

    While tempering items is a thing of the past, potions still play a role with the new Enchant spell. The enchanting potential of an item must be unlocked before any casts of the spell will be successful. New common potions are available in Wizard Guild shops which cover the range of enchanting up through +35; enchanting beyond this will still require the use of rare potions.

    The new enchanting potions increase the maximum bonus to which that item may be enchanted with this spell. As an example, a 0x item has a maximum bonus of +0. Pouring an undiluted green ayan'eth potion on this item will increase its maximum enchantable bonus by 5 points to +5; this particular potion can unlock an item up to a maximum of +20 so it could be poured three more times on that same item to do that, increasing the maximum by 5 per dose. Casting Elemental Detection (405) at a potion will give you details about what its effect will be if you know the Enchant (925) spell.

    For more information about this release and details about what is happening with the old enchanting system and related topics see the follow up post.


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    First - shut up Murrandii.



    No monk updates at all.

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    Yes! Now my +47 axe can become +50!
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    Well, fucking balls.

    On the one hand, for all those wizards who actually (bolt/ball/spell) hunt, this is cool.

    For all those other wizards, who don't hunt at all, and just enchant, this really fucking sucks.

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    No monk updates at all.
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