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Is all "static" converted to essence in the field, or can essence increase while resting after the hunt?

This is selected info from the official release.

1. Each cast generates a sort of magical static..
2. On a mana pulse, a portion of that static is absorbed as essence for enchanting.
3. Any unabsorbed static is generally lost, but if the Wizard is trained in Elemental Lore: Air a portion will carry over to the next mana pulse.
There is a maximum amount of static that can be converted to essence each pulse. If you have more static than the maximum, a percentage of the excess can be carried over to the next pulse. The carryover % is: 20 + (Elemental Lore:Air Seed 5 Summation Ranks) * 5. With 200 ranks EL, Air, 100% of the excess static carries over.

There is an EL, Air table on the wiki: https://gswiki.play.net/Enchant_(925)#Generation