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Thread: T3 parasitic lance w/4 CER crit & T3 ensorc.

  1. Default T3 parasitic lance w/4 CER crit & T3 ensorc.

    My bard is going pure soon, so I'm looking to sell/trade my T3 parasitic lance. This thing is great, and it is already very strong and would make a great weapon as well as a phenomenal project piece, since there's room for improvement and addition.

    5 CER crit weighting + 10 services toward 6, T3 ensorcelled, 4x enchanted, further enchantable/ensorcellable and fully alterable. At full affinity, flares at twice the normal flare rate and hits hard. You can add additional flares or additional weighting, and you can alter the host item worn location, the weapon appearance, all the tentacle colors and whatnot. It doesn't take time to work off affinity.

    For those unfamiliar, T3 grants Parasitic Bond, which restores health on striking (10% chance, triggers independently AND can be manually triggered every ten minutes) and Perfect Host, which adds +10 to AS, DS, CON, DEX, and STR once an hour for 10 minutes upon activation. It also has a ridiculous amount of ambient scripts and verb traps for roleplaying fun. It's like a dhu kitten but evil and tentacly.

    >anal glove
    You analyze your emerald gloves and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.
    The creator has also provided the following information:
                            PARASITIC WEAPONS
     Verb        Host Item                       Weapon
      RAISE    Summons Weapon
      CLENCH                                Returns Weapon
      PROD                                  ON/OFF Blood Flares
      PRAY     Finish Host Bond             Increases Affinity if you are ready
      PUNCH    UnAttunes
     Unlocked Verbs
      PUSH     Fluff                        Fluff
      PULL     Fluff                        Fluff
      PROD     Turns ON/OFF Ambient
      POINT    Fluff                        Fluff
      RUB      Fluff                        Fluff
      RAISE                                 Parasitic Bond
      HUG      Fluff                        Fluff
      KISS                                  Perfect Host
    Unlocked Abilities
     Parasitic Bond: Drains target creature's health based on damage dealt.
     Cooldown: 10 minutes.
     Verb: Raise
     Innate Parasitic Bond: Chance to heal wielder based on damage dealt on strike automatically.
     Cooldown: 30 minutes.
     Blood Flares: Damages target at the cost of own health.
     Verb: Prod to turn ON/OFF.
    General Information
     Tier: 3                                  Affinity Level: 8
     Total Blood Bound: 100126                   Daily Blood Cap: 1684/5000
     24 Hour Blood Tracker: 10 hours and 51 minutes           Triggered Parasitic Bond: Ready
     Innate Parasitic Bond: Ready            Perfect Host: Locked
     Summoned Status:The weapon is currently summoned.
    You get no sense of whether or not the gloves may be further lightened.
    This costs 125k bloodscrip off-the-shelf at DR (10k [weapon] + 5k [T1] + 35k [T2] + 75k [T3]).

    Taking offers in bloodscrip, silvers, or trades. Particularly interested in equivalent-value UAC gear, but mostly interested in bloodscrip or silvers. PM me.
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    *It doesn't take any time to work off affinity on parasite weapons. As soon as you unbond it from yourself, its back to zero for anyone.
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    Yep! Much nicer than the nervestaff system.

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    Bump. Still looking for bloodscrip or trade offers.

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    Thought I had a buyer for this, but it fell apart. Still looking to sell or trade. Also now has 5 CER crit weighting and another 10 services toward 6 as of the recent smithy visit.

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