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Thread: Script to see what sold in your shop

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    I have created a lich script called ;whatsold- You can use it to save your shop inventory (from anywhere, uses the new shop commands) and then review that inventory to automatically see what sold (from anywhere).

    Check it out.

    ;repo download whatsold

    ;whatsold town solhaven
    ;whatsold shopname Licel
    <some time later>
    [whatsold: Congratulations! The following items have sold since your last snapshot:]
    [whatsold: an ayanad crystal FOR 400 (1)]
    [whatsold: an ayanad crystal FOR 500 (2)]
    [whatsold: TOTAL VALUE: 1400!]
    [whatsold: AFTER TAX : 1358!]
    ~Licel, Jesse

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    Nice script. Finally had a chance to see it in action.

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