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    I can't remember 100% for sure which critter it is, but I'm pretty sure it's either shelfae or krolvin that will skin players if they're dead and those scalps can later be found on them if they're killed. At any rate, I'll pay 100k per elf scalp or dark elf scalp brought my way.

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    I actually tried to reproduce this in River's Rest last year by getting a couple new chars killed by Krolvin. Either they didn't skin the young chars or they did but when I killed the Krolvin with my higher-level chars the scalps weren't there. So I'm not sure if this is possible anymore.

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    I'm wondering if the critters were changed. They did it in an invasion a few years back and someone killed a n00b like 50 times to make a warrior sheath.

    You can at least still make one from gnomes though.
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    in a somewhat recent invasion someone handed my wizard his scalp... it was a halfling scalp... and it was kinda like wtf... but yeah it was my halfling scalp from when i was dead..

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