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Thread: Solhaven playershop auction.

  1. Default Solhaven playershop auction.

    Solhaven playershop for sale. Won this in the lottery and don’t have any real use for it. Will transfer ownership as soon as the auction ends.

    MB: 1 million
    CB: SOLD on buyout
    BO: 15 million
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    Teclys's Outfitting WL - (;go2 ps:Teclys) perfect/weighted weapons, vruul/spidersilk, padded armor, projects etc!
    Banthal's Weaponry WL - (;go2 338, go shop) weapons and runestaves.
    Nithaxius' General Store IMT - (;go2 3446, go market) Enhansives, uncut gems.
    Arcon's Outfitting IMT - (;go2 3447, go warehouse) More enhansives, uncut gems.
    Kakaron's Weaponry WL - (;go2 371, go store)
    Discord: Plix#4246 for quickest response!

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    how many rooms is it?
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    Sold on buyout to aramund. Thanks for the interest, y'all.

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