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Thread: 10x full plate Tier 4 voln armor with 13 points of damage padding

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    Default 10x full plate Tier 4 voln armor with 13 points of damage padding

    a full suit of anthracite riveted lasktol'zko- STOLEN

    show:Age has cast the surface of this armor in shades of darkness, both the padding underneath and the metal itself colored in various black hues. Polished to a gleaming finish, each perfectly molded piece of steel seems to shine faintly in any ambient light. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph

    A full suit of anthracite riveted lasktol'zko has a combat effectiveness rating of 13 points of Damage padding. It has 0 of 30 services towards the next full rank of combat effectiveness

    You analyze your riveted lasktol'zko and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This armor has been designed to provide mechanical benefit to members of the Order of Voln. Some FLUFF verb traps are available to non-members, but unique abilties are bestowed ONLY on members. Due to its nature, the riveted lasktol'zko will repel anyone converted to Luukos who attempts to touch it, as well as preventing usage to anyone wearing or holding Shadow Death, Black Ora Jewelry, or Rapture Cloak items. Furthermore, it CANNOT be ensorcelled, which is by design.

    The riveted lasktol'zko is currently TIER 4 which contributes 15 Gear Points to the armor, and has the following options available:

    *** NON-VOLN, and VOLN MEMBERS ***

    Fluff: PUSH, EXHALE, and DRAW(1x/week)

    * DS flares against undead foes. Base chance to flare of 15%, +5% for Voln Masters, +5% for Voln converts. Amount of DS applied equal to armor enchant, min. of +10, max. of +50.

    * +10 passive Sheer Fear resistance against undead.

    * Automatic Symbol of Need upon death - half normal favor cost. Must already possess knowledge of the Symbol. Toggled on/off with WHISPER.

    * Phantom critical padding augments DS flare. If flare triggered and attack goes through, it does so with critical padding in place. Amount of padding applied equal to half armor enchant, min. of 5 points, max. of 25 points.

    * Locate nearby undead ability - cost of 5 units of favor. Activated with PONDER.

    * Additional +10 Sheer Fear resistance against undead.

    * 2x/day Symbol of Return ability that works while stunned/immobile/webbed - normal favor cost. Must already possess knowledge of Symbol. Activated with BESEECH.

    You can tell that the lasktol'zko is as light as it can get.
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    Ronan may raise the price by 250 million but Krolvin reduces the price by 250 million.
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