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Thread: Woot! ---shouts out to GemstoneIII

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  1. Default Woot! ---shouts out to GemstoneIII

    So, yeah, I'll just leave this here.

    screenshot attached.


    GS woot snip.jpg
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    bid 1337
    Dett *BANGS* his gavel! "The bidding is now open for lot number 21: a grey-swirled coraesine relic! Who will start the bidding at 20 silvers?"

    The auctioneer nods to you as you bid 1,337 silvers.
    The auctioneer calls out, "Ardwen bids 175,000,000 silvers! New bids must be at least 192,500,000 silvers."

    le sigh.

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    I never realized I needed a chainsaw glaive until now.
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