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Thread: Official: Spring Spectacular: Elemental Lore: Fire and Elemental Bolts

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    Considering post cap wizard are 52 in earth, 50 in air

    That's 100 other lores to use

    if you get your 35 in water, that means a yummy 65 for fire. That's nice improvement… if you wouldn't already steam in the first place.

    No impact!
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    Post cap is usually something like 60 earth (950 benefits), 50 air (535 benefits + other handy boosts), 20 fire for steam bolt, and the rest into water to improve just about every bolt spell DF and make enchanting less tedious. There's usually a few points thrown around for thresholds, but that's the primary cookie-cutter style.

    This will benefit young wizards who are just hitting 20 ranks of fire to unlock steam in those cases where they need to cast 903 water or 904 acid instead of steam bolt... And the rare fire wizard that insists of sticking with 519.
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