Date: Feastday (Saturday), Ivastaen (May) 18th
Time: 9PM Elven (ET)
Location: Greystorm Manor, Amphitheatre in Wehnimer's Landing (Lich ID: 27807)

Join the Greystorm Society of Enlightenment (GSE) for an evening of information, entertainment, dancing, amazing prizes, refreshments and a special performance by Bardess Extraordinaire, Luxelle Machtes!

GSE is a new Meeting Hall Organization based out of Wehnimer's Landing, however open to Elanthians the world over.

The mission of GSE is to inspire curiosity and expand the boundaries of collective knowledge toward a more enlightened Elanthian society. We aim to be a welcoming space for members, guests and all Elanthians to share knowledge and learn from each other.

For more information on the Greystorm Society of Enlightenment, check out our GSWiki page here: or feel free to contact, Syphaer Greystorm, Sirona Kelaethe or Kitagaen Kinde wandering the lands.

See you there!