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Thread: some kind of grobey item

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    Default some kind of grobey item

    a smooth vaalorn bracer. Google says it's some kind of grobey item. Is it worth anything or pawn junk?

    This vaalorn bracer may be altered by any merchant who is comfortable doing so. Each form (shield and wrist worn) may have its own individual long description OR a short description (15/15/15) and a SHOW. Each form may also have something in the READ area. The material the bracer is made of MAY NOT be altered for any reason, in either form. Alterations must adhere to alteration guidelines and be appropriate for each items. It is strongly suggested that EACH form be REGISTERED.

    This vaalorn bracer is OTS and has not been unlocked. The following verbs are available:


    You get no sense of whether or not the bracer may be further lightened.

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    wear it, push it... see what +# your shield is.

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    Its worth something, i would buy it if you dont need/want.
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    It's listed in the west room of my store at 12271.

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    i purchased a couple recently any where from 250k to 500k

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