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Thread: What's next for TPs at Level 100

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murrandii View Post
    The longer you wait for starting your spells, the longer it'll take

    In the same result, you'll die more while getting skills like max perception. You don't need max perception, 1x is fine. You don't need max survival, et cetera.

    So the more you wait, the more you'll die. What kills you is bad combinaison as I said.

    Now, we'll debate over opinions. You gave yours, I gave mine.

    Lexbubba, also, what's the most challenge issues you have in nelemar? you want another income too?
    This is all a bunch of bs. First of all, if you are challenged by Nelemar, it's not because of spells.. That place is redonkulously easy.

    To the other points, up until you go past 107 and 414, you can get all those spells easily without learning them. Meanwhile work on your other stuff. Fill in all those other holes, and then when you're ready for spells, if ever, boom, fix skill, and the whole process didn't take a minute longer.
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