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Thread: New computer recomendation

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    You're looking for a PC that could handle gaming, but that can greatly vary from person to person. What resolution and refresh rate are you using and what type of games (you mentioned WoW, but would you be looking into high-end new games pushing graphics to new levels?)

    GPU - If you're not terribly interested in needing the best GPU, but something more than capable for 1080p gaming, I'd recommend the RTX 2060. If you're on a 1440p monitor look towards the RTX 2070. If by some chance you're using 4k then you want 2080 or 2080Ti. The price of a 2080Ti is outrageous and not worth it, in my opinion. Even the 2080 is overly expensive.

    CPU - I'd suggest holding off till Ryzen 3 releases, but that could be another good 4 months from now, and getting something from that line up such as the Ryzen 7 3700 (12 cores/24 threads) or Ryzen 5 3600 (8 cores/16 threads)

    RAM - If anything like Ryzen 2, you want something fast with tighter timings. But this is just a guess without actually seeing how different RAM performs

    MB - you don't need anything fancy if you're not planning on overclocking and if you're not buying an unlocked CPU

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    Don't get an AMD processor. I used to swear by them, but they're helplessly behind Intel now and have been for about a decade. Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, the intel processors get you more bang for the buck, and have the added benefit of being able to act as GPUs in the event of graphics card failure.
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    Just pull a back and ignore everyone's recommendations go buy one from best buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelston View Post
    Just pull a back and ignore everyone's recommendations go buy one from best buy, then for additional cooling, drill holes in the side.
    Corrected for accuracy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelston View Post
    Just pull a back and ignore everyone's recommendations go buy one from best buy.
    Yes. Get them awesome Best Buy guys to help you out.

    Last time I overhead a Best Buy Geek Squad person talking to someone about buying a new computer, they were pushing some Intel quad core processor on the lady. The lady asked what's the difference between having the quad core one the Geek Squad guy was pushing or the other one with two cores she was looking at.

    He told the lady, "Each core runs at 2GHz, so when you have 4 of them you get 8GHz of speed. The other one with two cores, they only run at 1.8GHz so that's only 3.6GHz of speed. The quad core is more than double the speed so it's better and will work faster for you."

    I started laughing loudly and said to the lady, don't listen to him, he's full of shit and walked away laughing.

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    It is almost easier to buy frame and some pieces and then scavenge reuseables from your old stuff. My current one I pulled the ssd drives, which I always keep, and to amuse myself made my current one have 10 hard drives. I think I might have only used 3 of them.

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    I still like the monster ass Corsair box, so I might go with that and then the rec's above from Taernath (and others that lined up).

    Thanks everyone, I'm out of touch with pc tech today so this has been helpful.

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