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Thread: Stat advice for THW empath

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    Default Stat advice for THW empath

    I'm currently about to hit level 17, dwarf empath. Thinking about getting my stats sorted before 20.

    I swing a two handed weapon, and while I thought about having a build that would allow me to switch to a pure hunting style later, I now think I'd prefer to do that with a fixstat portion since I'll be using my weapon for a pretty long time IRL before that becomes viable and enjoyable.

    So unless I'm missing something, assume I'm looking for a warpath build who can use some disabling spells, and can heal reasonably effectively.

    From what I can find, I see no benefit in Aura (member of GOS), so thinking I should tank this further. Good idea? Tank something else? Where to put the points? Not concerned with having perfect stats at 100.

    Any advice on stat placement would be great. You can see the stat growth and play with the numbers by going to and pasting in the following data block at the bottom of the page:


    Level 0 stats:

    Strength (STR): 88

    Constitution (CON): 68

    Dexterity (DEX): 79

    Agility (AGI): 77

    Discipline (DIS): 62

    Aura (AUR): 62

    Logic (LOG): 50

    Intuition (INT): 39

    Wisdom (WIS): 75

    Influence (INF): 60
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    Set growth to max out at 45-65 or whenever you want.

    Also if you haven't already Tsalims warpath guide on the wiki is a good source.
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