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Thread: a forest green veniom-threaded greatcloak

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    Default a forest green veniom-threaded greatcloak

    Is this old locker lint or worth anything? Not sure what's the deal with those veniom-threaded items...

    [inspect]>inspect great
    You carefully inspect your veniom-threaded greatcloak.
    You estimate that a forest green veniom-threaded greatcloak can store a significant amount (100-119 lbs) with enough space for any number (10+) of items.
    You determine that you could wear the greatcloak, hanging it from your shoulders.  The greatcloak appears to serve some purpose.
    s>weigh great
    You carefully examine the veniom-threaded greatcloak and determine that the weight is about 4 pounds.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.

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    Probably want to get it loresung just to double check its not weight reducing. If not, its still a nice looking cloak.

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    Loresong said it's worth 100k silvers but nothing else about it. It's now listed for 100k in #12271 (an elegant limestone store), if anyone reading wants this for w/e reason.

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    People used to think they were pretty. Nothing special otherwise unless you did something to it.
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    Figured so, I just saw those veniom-threaded backpacks sell for a lot, thought there was some obscure collector's market for these.

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    There kind of IS an obscure collectors market. Veniom is a highly coveted elven metal and as Nuadjha indicated, people used to like it. However, they haven't really frivolously thrown it around and made it common over the years. Sure, there's the occasional item with it at a merchant and a lot of hilts on generated drop weapons, but getting an actual matching wearable set of a all veniom looking things is harder than you might think. IG actual veniom has been used like it's supposed to be too. Like making the treasure bags lighter and for use in airships. It's like that unobtanium from the Avatar movie. So, while it won't make you rich, it should fetch a bit more than an otherwise standard container of the exact same stats.

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    Well, someone has since bought it from the store, so I made all of 100k of it... I guess it must've been worth a few mil as a prop.

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