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    Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering what the general consensus was on which CMANs are best for an OHE ambusher ranger.

    So far, I'm planning on smaster, feint, and disarm (3 ranks). I read somewhere that sweep and shield bash (really?) might be good ones as well.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    depends on your level

    smastery, cmovement, focus would be my picks

    wait for creature to swing, hide, ambush head. or ambush leg then hide and ambush head. for that reason, smastery is your best bet.

    as you get older and get into nastier hunting areas, cdef and disarm
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    My ranger only has 5 ranks in Shadow Mastery for the RT reduction when hiding/sneaking... Her spells pretty much cover incapacitating critters and crowd control and I haven't decided which defensive CMANs would help her most so I'm just banking the CMAN points until I find a weak spot they can help with.

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    You only need 4 smastery for sneaking and hiding speed
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    The short of it: there are few really outstanding active ranger CMANs. As a result, most of us lean towards passive CMANs that have more subdued benefits or CMan training as a defensive strategy.

    Shadow Mastery is a highlight for rangers that attack from hiding. Another active CMan for the hiding types is Dirtkick due to its ability to aid in hiding in front of the effected creature as well as being the rare active CMan that is stance indepdent in its effectiveness. I have found Combat Focus and Cunning Defense to be valuable to my ranger. Disarm is a perennial classic as a CMan selected for the defensive advantages of being trained in it. Who wants to lose their favored weapon?

    Beyond these, postcap rangers often will train partially (not a full 5 ranks) in other CMans for their defensive advantages, especially with CMans they may face regularly. For example, as my ranger hunts in Sanctum of Scales, I train in Feint to help prevent RT-lock when there's more than two sentinels in a room.

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