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Thread: Adventurer's Guild Badge Breakdown

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    I normally just drop it on the ground, and ask for a new one when I want to switch bonuses. There is no extra charge if you wait about 3months. If there is a better way to switch bonuses I dont know about it
    Remove the existing bonus and add a different one should work.
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    Bumping one of the best PC threads ever!
    Your mind is completely fucked. It is imperative that you unfuck immediately!

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    Bumping the best post on the PC again for those new to the PC, or those who might have forgotten. As a society, first we got to the moon, and then we got the OSOSIS badge breakdown post, its really that good. Given the original post date, we can only assume that OSOSIS significantly weakened himself with this great effort, leading to an early demise from the pandemic (my inference is that only death could have kept him from further GSIV research). Keep OSOSIS in your memories, space monkies
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    Your mind is completely fucked. It is imperative that you unfuck immediately!

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