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Thread: A dead pet (old EG item)

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    I'm told that some years ago there were scripted items that were dead pets sold at EG. Prefer a mouse or other small rodent, but I'm not really sure what animals were available so send me a message with what you have and your price.


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    After some digging, I think these were from EG 04 in Past Pets? Still looking for one!

    In the wooden box you see a dead kinkajou, a dead otter, a dead mongoose, a dead marmoset, a dead tamarin, a dead flying squirrel, a dead jerboa, a dead groundhog, a dead meerkat and a dead dormouse.

    In the open chest you see a dead coatimundi, a dead bobcat, a dead lynx, a dead serval, a dead civet, a dead macaque, a dead mangabey, a dead capybara, a dead jackal and a dead wallaby.

    In the packing crate you see a dead skunk, a dead hamster, a dead opossum, a dead rabbit, a dead squirrel, a dead dog, a dead cat, a dead mouse and a dead rat.

    In the wire cages you see a dead goat, a dead weasel, a dead fox, a dead raccoon, a dead ocelot, a dead lemur, a dead hedgehog, a dead porcupine and a dead ferret.

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    Check my Appraisals whazzit and you'll see I have quite a few. I sold Red a dead penguin a few days ago.

    Trying to remember the name of the merchant; think it was, like, Past Pets or something like that.
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    I have a dead penguin I would entertain an offer on.

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