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Thread: Post-Cap Priorities

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    Default Post-Cap Priorities

    I'm weighing the value of the 1400 TPs spent on Spell Aiming right now, and re-considering spending those elsewhere. I am aware that spell aiming helps with some sorcerer spells, particularly 720 and 708, but I have yet to find a reason to use those spells when 709 does everything I would need 708 to do, and 720 prevents me from getting treasure.

    That being said, I still have 2x spell aim. I thought I'd want to use it for 713 in SoS, but turns out that's a lot of overhead scroll maintenance to get some AS boosting abilities in order to make 713 useful. So, in the end, I won't probably bother to bolt at all.

    Here are options I am considering:

    1. Finish combat maneuvers. Currently @ 40 ranks for 5/5 cunning defense. I can take the points from SA and get this all the way to 1x and max out disarm as well. While disarm is mostly mitigated and hasn't killed me in a few years, it's an option.

    2. 1x in Shield Use. Gets me the option of going without a runestaff for disarm areas and in SoS to prevent my runestaff from being turned - but then you don't get flares or ensorcell activations.

    3. Finish climb/swim (60-100 each) and 1x FA/Survival. Skinning becomes an option which I've never bothered with as a sorcerer. Plus, it helps you get around confluence and SoS.

    4. 100 ranks of Elemental Lore. Boosts a bunch of MnE while helping 719 hit harder.

    5. 60 ranks of Demon Lore. This would really just be utility (save for 704 defense which is unknown, and SmR is not common where I hunt), since 712 activation conditions are extremely uncommon as a sorcerer (I would have to be disarmed, knocked over, and stunned for my DS to drop low enough to be hit). I'd gain the ability to finally phase boxes to avoid encumbrance while gaining 740 gold ring utility - which is handy.

    6. 2x AS/MIU - While I won't have exactly enough to do this, I'd be only about 150 TPs short of finishing 2x in these. I do use 714 a lot, and have finally bumped into an ensorcell project that is too hard for my current 3x spells and 1x skills to achieve. I'd gain the duration bonus, be able to unlock and infuse most scrolls pretty easily, and my stock of spells would last a good deal longer.

    Of course, all of these things are planned for in the future, but I feel any or most of these options would give me more benefit than I am currently getting out of 2x spell aim. I did use 720 in the DR arena, but it did not improve my speed noticeably since 717 still seemed to be more reliable (without spending a fortune on SA enhancives). Open to suggestions, pros/cons lists!

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    How many exp are you at currently?

    The only thing I've ever used SA for was focused 720. I do warcamps a lot, so the loss of loot has never really bothered me. It's a lot of points for one spell, but I sure like having it as an option if I want to 1-shot something, especially if it's already disabled and will need a 199+ roll with 717.

    Are you at 2x EMC/SMC yet? Those skills give you more bang for your buck than MIU/AS as far as ensorcelling goes. They also increase your rate of mana recovery and give you a few more uses of mana spellup, for what it's worth.

    CM ranks are also definitely useful. Maneuvers are the one thing that kills my sorc, but I still did SA before I did CMAN.

    Demonolgy is probably provides more utility, but the extra cast of ensorcell attack bonus with 180 necro ranks is also nice.

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    Im sitting at around 11.6mil XP on my sorcerer. I don't have any use for 720 in warcamps because I can reliably ward 90% of things in warcamps with 717 for instant death or run away screaming. The few things I can't ward, I just pain or 719 (depending on the type of warcamp). Actually 708 is the only reason I'd keep SA for warcamps. That can be handy as that is the one place 709 doesn't fit the niche. However, I don't really spend much time in warcamps. Just visit once in a while when I want to rush my necro energy for the week.

    I'd be less interested in EMC/SMC (101/101 currently) only because I have no mana problems presently, and extending the life of scrolls would be more valuable than slightly better ensorcell power. So far, the 40 ranks in CMAN have done enough to help me mitigate what was a problem in Nelemar. Charge still kills me, but if I just wear a padded greathelm, it should solve that problem (even though that means 2% hindrance, but meh - better than dying once a week to dumb). Finishing CMAN would help in other areas of the world though, including warcamps!

    The scroll infusing boost and the skinning w/ survival options are appealing most to me presently. They both improve utility that is useful in hunting areas (especially since I am considering moving to Sanctum from Nelemar).

    My plans for sorcerer lore are 102 demon, 100 necro. 102 is exact break-point for phase, and will be useful when I keep a stockpile of useful scrolls on me that can be burdensome. I do look forward to 40 and 75 breakpoints for 740 also, but all fairly mundane utility that I have survived without for a while.

    The elemental lore is tempting. The move to Sanctum means using 719 a lot (things melt fast in there), and it will one-shot more reliably with higher elemental lores. I hear stacking Earth and Water is ideal for a sorcerer as fire and air do basically nothing with our spell options.
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    202 MIU is helpful, if only for convenience sake. Getting 2 hours per rub from Small Statues and 1:50 per rub from White Crystals is nice.

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    My recommended list in order of importance:

    1x shield use -> prevents disarm, good prone offensive DS, good bolt DS, can spend 50 CM points elsewhere, like 3 in SS, 2 in feint, 3 in cmovement for +6 DS
    10 ranks of MoC -> to negate FoF on swarms and if you get disabled/locked and 2 critters walk in, helps on bandits also
    max CM -> see above, helps on solo bandits
    40 ranks of brawling -> 40 ranks for added DS. It goes by skill bonus, so diminishing returns after the first 40 ranks. Ignore this if you don't go shield use
    202 necro lores -> 102 demon, 100 necro, necro is obvious aka 711, demon for phase (very nice for box hunting), 704 (not sure it even helps though), 725 summoning without a chamber, incant 740 also, but i barely use it since magic blocking areas prevent it

    202 SMC -> helps 735, helps mana regen, helps prevent 130 RT
    202 EMC -> helps 735, mana regen
    202 MIU/AS -> helps 735, scrolls, rubs
    1x FA / survival -> skinning = loot
    2x HP -> max mana and mana regen, move this up if not CoL, once 2x HP, I recommend leaving CoL for Voln

    51 ranks of elem lore -> 25 in earth first for the 414, 430 benefits, then do 12 fire since it's the first cycle in 719, after 51 ranks it's diminishing returns, you could probably make a case for 25 earth to be in defensive list
    2x SA -> Useful for nelemar GWE and sentry bounties, although I usually just 711 sentries for their loot, nice for grouping doing bandits

    If you got any specifics on why I ranked 1 better than the other, let me know and I can explain from experience why I put 1 above the other or if it doesn't really make much difference.

    I would just pick from the list in terms of what you want to improve. I think defensive is always best since it's GS4 and offensive really only helps marginal amounts compared to not dying.

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    I'm hunting nelemar on my sorc with shield and brawling fully trained up, no need for a staff really. No disarm to deal with. Highly recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupak View Post
    I'm hunting nelemar on my sorc with shield and brawling fully trained up, no need for a staff really. No disarm to deal with. Highly recommended.
    with 30m exp tho?

    havent tried uac sorc so no idea
    standing between the living and the dead

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    Yep, 32m xp but I don't UAC with him, just have brawling and shield for defense, he basically can't get hurt and can't be disarmed. I started doing that after losing that 10x staff in nelemar (tho got it back eventually!)

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    the title is post cap priority I think the suggestions are for 9-12 million exp range. =)

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    My priorities post cap were CM and then 3x spells. Both are grinds, but also all determined on how and where you hunt. In the temple, I'm not a huge fan of being disarmed even with an ebladed runestaff, so that to me was a priority. After that, I finished spells because I just hated myself. To follow that up, now I'm working on dodging because I hate myself more than I thought. I was already 2x in SA so that wasn't a big deal. As far as loot goes, I still get plenty even when imploding things.

    With nothing to buy or spend money on, the loot is really just a moot point. As long as I'm getting enough gems to keep from having issues when doing gem bounties, I'm satisfied enough.

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