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Thread: Wizard FE Arrivals Window Name

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    Default Wizard FE Arrivals Window Name

    Not sure where else to put this, but it is for Lich purposes.

    Does anyone know the name of the Wizard FE arrivals window name?

    IE: the death window, I think, is 034GSw00003

    Lich has this code...

    if line =~ /<pushStream id="death"\/>(.*?)<popStream\/>/m
             line = line.sub(/<pushStream id="death"\/>.*?<popStream\/>/m, "\034GSw00003\r\n#{$1}\034GSw00004\r\n")
    ...that is responsible for converting StormFront death messages to ones that will show up in the deaths window for the Wizard.

    ..and so I'm wanting to do the same for arrivals.

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    try using the ;showxml script?

    while it's running it will output the xml stream w/ tags and everything.
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    <pushStream id="logons"/> * <a exist="-10319566" noun="RandomPerson">RandomPerson</a> joins the adventure.

    That's not the name of it though.

    The problem is Lich is showing me the SF stream and I don't know how to get it to show me the Wizard stream.

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