>[Town Square, East]
Here in the center of a broad plaza near the commercial area of the bazaar stands the impressive facade of the slate-roofed Moot Hall, where the citizens of Wehnimer's Landing hold various official, religious and social functions. Facing the square are some of the town's more prosperous shops, still doing business with the many customers who still frequent the streets at night. You also see a bone-framed bulletin board, a large purple wooden barrel and a giant mound of snow.
Obvious paths: north, east, south, west
>glance board
You glance at a bone-framed bulletin board.
>read board
The following messages are written on the bulletin board:

NOTICE: This board is intended for PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENTS pertaining to the town of Wehnimer's Landing. Feel free to post your messages regarding public gatherings and the like here, but make sure to keep them appropriate to public display.

Dragons meet on the first Restday of the month, all are welcome

some of our most ancient and evil foes presented themselves as benevolent types. willing to help. DON'T TRUST MOTHER ~H~

Hi mom

Da Dwarfen Ladies Auxilary meets inna da stables sometimes.

All must fear meh!

Hi, I'm Ardwen. Ask me about getting free stuff, I play hard to get sometimes but keep at it and you'll be rewarded.

Halflings have been deemed illegal. If you are one please turn yourself into the nearest authority or get your butt back to Icemule!

Gnomes are no longer people but are now considered akin to rodents. --- The Authority

The new season of Elanthia's favorite and official game, Gnome Punting, has begun to much fanfare today. All are welcome to play and winning is just a matter of getting hold of a gnome or halfling and seeing how far you can punt(kick) one. The winner at the end will win glory, women and fame beyond their wildest dreams.

Get to punting!

Cats are now the master race and ruling class of all of Elanthia, feed us fish and bow before us you peasants!

Hey it's Ardwen again. I just want to let you all know I did write the previous message about me, Ardwen, giving away free stuff. Feel free to bug him... I mean ask me anytime and I'll be happy to oblige! --- signed Yakushi, I mean Ardwen


Looking for who stole my pants, you know who you are!

In furthering the the laws banning hobbitdom, Mayor Lylia has put forward legislation making it illegal to possess a tart within Wehnimer Landing's border.

A recent survey polled among hobbits passing through the landing, almost 9 out of 10 were in favor of the laws outlawing Hobbitdom.

A growing political movement in the Landing is pushing for the construction of 'The Wall', a barrier between the Landing and Icemule, to keep halflings from the north from crossing into the sovereign territory of the Landing and stealing jobs.

Mel is not for eating!

Mel would make a great fishing lure.

After hours of deliberations about if and what kind of barrier should be erected between the Landing and Icemule, the city council has settled on a 8 foot tall fence with a lock on the Landing side of the barrier. It was openly agreed by all in attendance that this would keep halflings incapable of entering the territory of the Landing.

Local militia accounts tell of an alarming rate of underground illegal black market tart bakeries opening overnight, they warn citizens to avoid the obviously dangerous halfling element behind this.

Mel's da only thin makin sense onna dis thin.

Help! I misplaced my Destrier.

(Written very poorly) Hap p y is nat vary hap py


The landing government has gone too far! I would say tall or high, but that'd be me bashing short folk more.