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    Due to some issues with my google docs posting, here is my for sale list.

    Auction will close at 12PM EST on 2/10/19.

    a translucent black glaes claidhmore - 4x, T1, permablessed, greater weapon moods CB $40 Silvak
    RUB: Assuming a low, staggered-step combat stance, you wield your black glaes claidhmore single-handedly from across your shoulder blades in an impressive display of strength. CLENCH: As you clench the claidhmore's grip tightly in hand, a peal of ivory flame momentarily enshrouds the black glaes blade in a furious white blaze.
    WAVE: You brandish your black glaes claidhmore, wielding the gigantic blade with a single hand. A pair of wispy angelic wings of pure white flame appear momentarily, giving a powerful flap. A sheath of ethereal white flame suddenly rises along the length of the blade and a wave of heat washes over the claidhmore.

    pearl-handled vultite falchion - 4x, locked splitter CB $10 Bradius

    a crude iron woodsman's axe - Tally Greataxe, enchant and damage weighting increase as critters are killed. Up to 20x enchant and +33? damage weighting...decays after 3 minutes. MB $20 Silvak

    three-fingered mahogany suede glove - Spirit Gauntlet, short bow version MB $400

    black-veined indigo ghezyte trident - 5x, disintegration flares, ghezyte flares, 4 paragraph Caligos Isle loresong CB $5 Tain

    a platinum-framed vellum card - 10 charge Trap Card, RUB to absorb trap from box, WAVE at box to blast it apart, WAVE at critter or PC to blast them with lightning up to rank 7 crit, no roll. MB $250
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    Prime players reading that post like

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    I thought buying and selling items in plat wasnt allowed because its bad RP

    (A joke, please sell away! Wish spirit bow was prime...)
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    Just ask the other two people there if they want to buy this stuff.

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