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    Due to some issues with my google docs posting, here is my for sale list.

    Auction will close at 12PM EST on 2/10/19.

    a translucent black glaes claidhmore - 4x, T1, permablessed, greater weapon moods CB $40 Silvak
    RUB: Assuming a low, staggered-step combat stance, you wield your black glaes claidhmore single-handedly from across your shoulder blades in an impressive display of strength. CLENCH: As you clench the claidhmore's grip tightly in hand, a peal of ivory flame momentarily enshrouds the black glaes blade in a furious white blaze.
    WAVE: You brandish your black glaes claidhmore, wielding the gigantic blade with a single hand. A pair of wispy angelic wings of pure white flame appear momentarily, giving a powerful flap. A sheath of ethereal white flame suddenly rises along the length of the blade and a wave of heat washes over the claidhmore.

    pearl-handled vultite falchion - 4x, locked splitter CB $10 Bradius

    a crude iron woodsman's axe - Tally Greataxe, enchant and damage weighting increase as critters are killed. Up to 20x enchant and +33? damage weighting...decays after 3 minutes. MB $20 Silvak

    three-fingered mahogany suede glove - Spirit Gauntlet, short bow version MB $400

    black-veined indigo ghezyte trident - 5x, disintegration flares, ghezyte flares, 4 paragraph Caligos Isle loresong CB $5 Tain

    a platinum-framed vellum card - 10 charge Trap Card, RUB to absorb trap from box, WAVE at box to blast it apart, WAVE at critter or PC to blast them with lightning up to rank 7 crit, no roll. MB $250
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    Prime players reading that post like

    Quote Originally Posted by Keller View Post
    Also, what do you monsters eat that you don't enjoy the aroma of your flatulence from time to time?
    Quote Originally Posted by Back
    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman.
    Quote Originally Posted by Back View Post
    Remember, I'm a tiny dick pussy.

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    I thought buying and selling items in plat wasnt allowed because its bad RP

    (A joke, please sell away! Wish spirit bow was prime...)
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    Just ask the other two people there if they want to buy this stuff.

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