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Thread: Warrior Sheaths - Rotating Stock

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    Inventory updated again. Some sheaths sold, some added.

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    Stock updated! Some cool new gems.

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    Just question about warrior sheaths in general, do all of them have the same weight reducing properties, or does it depend on how good the warrior is at making them?

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    They all have the same only learn to make sheaths when you master that guild skill, so any warrior that can make them is a master of the skill, thus fully proficient.

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    The only variation would be if they used less skins than max so would have a reduced max capacity with identical weight and encumbrance reduction. Some locations have a lower max skins, like thigh or wrist locations.
    As a matter of warrior pride I always make containers using max skins for the location and I think that is a common sentiment, but there are definitely some out there that are shorted.
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    Just got my custom sheath from Giantphang. Great, quick service.

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    Updated stock...check the limited gems at the bottom of the post!

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    Stock updated.

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    Those are some rad sheaths! Nice work dude.

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    A bunch sold, some new ones added, stock updated!

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