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Thread: About to Start Lockmastery

  1. Default About to Start Lockmastery

    I'm about to start working on lockmastery and I'm looking for any advice.

    I'm currently post cap with 1x picking, 2x disarm and have lores. My current plan is to get to 2x picking and then start picking my own boxes from OTF. Is 2x a good plan to be able to get reps from most boxes in OTF? 1.5x using lore? 2.5x without lore? 3x?

    I also have about 500 guild vouchers. Which tasks should I be using those on? I'm guessing it's the trap collection ones that come in later ranks.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    The worst part is component reps. Start saving now all of the trapped boxes that you're going to need. I forget exactly which specific traps they are, but all boxes with vials, spheres, jaws, needles and plates. You can't save enough to get through that part. If you find a box that has one of those traps, locker it. It's worth it. You could easily need hundreds of them to get through component reps. You could always skip those tasks, but if you have the boxes, you might as well because he's going to keep assigning them.

    If I remember correctly, the more training you have in picking, the larger the range of locks you can pick for reps, so the window for 1x vs 2x vs 3x in picking is fairly significant. That being said, for OTF, 2x in picking will get the majority of boxes and should get you reps on a good number. Also, wearing lore does factor into the acceptable window, so there will be occasions that using lock lore will make you "too good" to gain a rep. (definitely get lore, though)

    There is a minimum quality pick that you have to use to gain reps, so you can't just roll with a copper pick and expect to always get reps. There's also a max quality pick that will give you reps, so using a vaalin pick won't always gain you reps. Ideally, you want to use the lowest quality pick that qualifies. Also, as you break picks, they degrade in quality so its possible that the material of the pick will technically be enough for a rep, but because it's been broken too many times, it no longer is, so you'll need to keep an eye on the quality modifier of the pick itself.

    For traps, they cap at -480, and while I forget exactly how many ranks you need to break that threshold, I never missed a trap at 2.75x disarm (with self-lore), and I likely could have gotten away with a good bit less. OTF will gen traps in that range, so if you only 2x disarm, it's possible that you'll miss some. Not a lot of them, but some.

    Another obnoxious part of LFM is the picking contests. I found it easier to just bang through all of the boxes without attempting to disarm any and then just wait out the master until he finishes. Technically, you're supposed to disarm each and then pick each and hope that you get more points than him, but that's a hassle. I just grabbed a pick and opened all 5 without checking for traps. It's still annoying, but slightly less so since you can then just zone out until he finishes. Also, you don't have to pick up those boxes. Leave them all on the table, pick up a lockpick, and pick first box, pick second box, pick third box, etc.

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    If you use lich, maxlock.lic will do exactly what it says. Using it gives you your max lock and trap (both with and without lore) based on your ranks in picking and disarm and the various quality picks. I don't know if Tgo ever updated it to work on LFM tasks, but rogue.lic is another good one for banging through guild tasks. Also from Tgo is tpick.lic, which automates opening boxes and can be set up to calibrate calipers, measure boxes, use the lowest quality pick based on the boxes lock, use the appropriate guild skill for opening the box (turn, spin, twirl, etc.), and more. If you like automation, give it a go. It also keeps track of how many boxes, average time, and more.

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    I must admit ;rogue and ;tpick are pretty gosh darn awesome.

    I haven't updated ;tpick in forever so no new LFM tasks have been added, I think it only does contests with the masters. And like creating lockpicks and stuff and stuff.

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    There is another script for picking contest with the Masters. I think it is pickcontest or pickmasters something like that. It will disarm and then pick all the five boxes. I can't look it up right now because I'm not at home.

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    You'll probably find this guide handy as well for info as you go through LFM.
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    My advice, kill yourself now so you don't have to go through all the pain and suffering to only kill yourself then. lFm!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nordred View Post
    My advice, kill yourself now so you don't have to go through all the pain and suffering to only kill yourself then. lFm!
    Nordred is on to something, I would master forging again, TWICE, before I did lock mastery again, maybe three times, no definitely three times

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    Use vouchers for component reps and picking contests during guild nights. Lmastery really isn't that bad as long as you can bigshot a creature that gets you rep boxes. Have a F2P table alt running ;idle, change your resting commands to include ;foreach box in inv;drop, and try to stash at least a hundred rep-worthy boxes before guild nights. It helps to use ;tpick ground disarm to pre-disarm boxes before guild night to save you some time during double rep credit - and when you get calipers, you can also pre-measure your boxes and only keep rep boxes around for guild night.
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    Ok, so in my old age, I mixed up my scripts, the two I am thinking of are wizard scripts, pickcontest and calibrate, both are for master reps. I have no idea where I got them. Probably the same place I got guildx.

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