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Thread: About to Start Lockmastery

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    Thanks for all the advice everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kutter View Post
    Ok, so in my old age, I mixed up my scripts, the two I am thinking of are wizard scripts, pickcontest and calibrate, both are for master reps. I have no idea where I got them. Probably the same place I got guildx.
    This thread may have the scripts that you're referencing?

    Quote Originally Posted by POWPOW View Post
    I'm about to start working on lockmastery and I'm looking for any advice.

    I'm currently post cap with 1x picking, 2x disarm and have lores. My current plan is to get to 2x picking and then start picking my own boxes from OTF. Is 2x a good plan to be able to get reps from most boxes in OTF? 1.5x using lore? 2.5x without lore? 3x?
    3x skill + lore will give you the largest range of qualified lock sizes for successful LFM box reps.


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    Anyone know of a Ta'Illistim lighting/lm sense map? I saw links to other major towns on the wiki, but nothing in EN.

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    Kidnap a cleric or empath to make a room brighter or darker.

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