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Thread: Find the Fox (Dethnyain) Event Friday February 22, 2019 10pm est

  1. Default Find the Fox (Dethnyain) Event Friday February 22, 2019 10pm est

    Greetings all,

    Sorry about the long sabbatical from events. I didn't want to cross my wires with all the GM run events in last 4 months. I am back.

    Okay for the next big giveaway I have decided to hold a contest similar to "Find a Fox".
    This is sponsored by the House of Daingneach Onoir and the House of Argent Aspis

    Where: Wehnimer's Landing and just outside Landing
    When: Friday at 10:00pm EST February 22, 2019

    In this case you will be Finding "Dethnyain"

    Okay the rules are simple:

    There will be 20 locations. They will be inside town or close by outside of town.

    I give clues on the help channel only once. You find me, and win a really nice silvers note. (No worries I won't hide. I will be in plain sight)
    I will not hide in houses that you cannot access. I will be inside the main door in most places or right outside in some places.
    The more times you find me, the more silvers you can win. Limited to first three who find me at each location. When you find me just say win.
    On a possible tie, I reserve the right to increase that amount of winners.

    Don't bother using locate because it won't work ::grins:: Ya really didn't think I would make it that easy? Also The Spell 116 Locate Person will not work on me either.
    Plus this will give you young ins a chance to really learn about your town.
    Levels of winners will be checked to be fair to all. Only open to Level 1 - 35 characters

    Prizes will be 100k notes for each location found (First three people) and an additional 500k each (maybe 1m depending on my mood that day) for the top winners.

    This will be a fast paced contest. I move around quick. Ya never know where I could pop up at.

    I will put clues on the help channel only through lnet.

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