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    Got a question from my inbox by a newly capped Paladin, Iím hoping the experts can give a more detailed response to her question:

    Quote Originally Posted by azim17
    can you talk me through this a bit?

    I am a just recently capped paladin and got there with shield and OHB. very nice equipment, but it does seem to take some time to kill things, even with 8 pts of crit on an 8x perfect star.

    ive been toying with the idea of going THW and wondering how much it is going to suck from a defensive standpoint. does it kill things so much quicker that you are actually safer? or will i notice getting banged around a lot more? of course i would fixskill to max dodge and such, but I just dont know what to expect....ive never used a THW in the game at all.

    thank you in advance!

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    Use the test instance

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    My paladin started as THW, then went sword/board, and is now poles. Each has its ups and downs. He hunts with a partner now, always, so the poles route works really well, but if I was going to solo him, I would likely go back to shield and something, just because it makes you so much tougher. It might be a little slower, but that is the trade off.

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    I would ask what their definition of "takes some time to kill things" is. As an 8x perfect morning star paladin, unless you're a miniature class, you should be one of the most efficient hunters in the game, so I'd need to know more.

    Do they have ambush?
    They're not COL are they?
    Do they have MOC?
    How do their spells look?
    Are they perfect stats?
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