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Thread: T2 spider bag w/ 5 spiders

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    Default T2 spider bag w/ 5 spiders

    A web-shrouded tenebrous thaumaturgy satchel CB 3.5m to Neo SOLD

    --------- SPIDER CONTAINERS - ANALYZE INFO ---------

    Spider bags house living spiders that can be customized. Tier 2+ items are also part of the Ghule family of scripts. To see Ghule interactivity options and syntax help for Tier 2, ANALYZE again within 15 seconds.

    You get a strong sense that the satchel can be altered by any merchant. The satchel must always be:
    (1) a "regular" container of some sort (no clothing, jewelry, etc.)
    (2) made out of webs or spidersilk.
    Long descriptions are fine; no shows.

    When altering the spiders inside, bear in mind the following:
    (1) the article will always be a/an (for 1 spider) or a number such as 'two' (for multiple spiders)
    (2) the noun can be pretty much any type of spider, but note that descriptors go into the
    adjective field (eg. for 'brown recluse', 'brown' goes into the adjective field).
    (3) Spiders can have a long description tacked on after the base 15/15/15 but no show.

    This item is currently Tier 2 (of 3) with 5 (of 10) spider(s). Very few merchants can unlock it. Some merchants can add an additional spider.

    Features supported: WEAR, REMOVE, POINT my satchel at {target}, OPEN, CLOSE, PULL, TURN (target option).

    >point sat at broads
    You glance at a broadsword and concentrate on the spiders living inside your thaumaturgy satchel. Five shadowy eyeless spiders with a trio of pedipalp tentacles climb out of your satchel and scurry down your leg to the ground.

    The spiders skitter over to a broadsword and investigate it for a moment, then quickly and cooperatively spin a cocoon of gossamer spiderweb around the broadsword.

    Dragging a broadsword, the spiders skitter quickly toward you, up your leg, and back into a web-shrouded tenebrous thaumaturgy satchel. As they drag the broadsword into your satchel, the spiderwebs binding it dissolve into dust.

    You estimate that a web-shrouded tenebrous thaumaturgy satchel can store a large amount with enough space for any number of items.

    You determine that you could wear the satchel, slinging it across your shoulders and back. The satchel appears to serve some purpose.

    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of organic material.
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    I’ll start it off with a 100k bid.
    μολὼν λαβέ

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    500k .. how much does it weigh and hold?

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    Weighs 4, holds large amount. Shoulder worn.

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    μολὼν λαβέ

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    1 mil

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