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Thread: +25 stamina recovery enhancive set

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    Default +25 stamina recovery enhancive set

    5m flat for the set.

    Pink sapphire torc, +5 stamina recovery, +1 ambush bonus, crumbly
    White sunstone necklace, +2 stamina recovery, persists, lot of charges
    Star ruby torc, +2 stamina recovery, persists, giantman charges

    Pink sapphire bracer, +2 stamina recovery, persists, giantman charges
    Platinum bracelet, +2 stamina recovery, crumbly, lot of charges

    Gold brooch, +2 stamina recovery, +2 picking locks ranks, persists
    Studded silver pin, +3 stamina recovery, crumbly
    Pewter clasp, +4 stamina recovery, crumbly
    White starstone clasp, +3 stamina recovery, +4 perception bonus, +2 disarming traps bonus, crumbly
    The enhancive king of chicago

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    I'll take it

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