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Thread: What is up with TWC math?

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    Default What is up with TWC math?

    With a splitter and enhancives off (OHE and TWC being both at 202) my offhand is -10 AS

    With a splitter and enhancives on, OHE (252) and TWC (236) my offhand is -35 AS

    Accounting for the missing 16 points of TWC, that's still -19 AS. What gives?

    I've read the wiki on TWC but it doesn't explain this difference.

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    probably something with your strength bonus being higher than your dex bonus

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    offhand AS is based on dex bonus instead of str bonus up to a max of your strength bonus... so since you are a dwarf and probably added a lot of strength enhancives in that process you got a lot more AS on your main hand from strength than you did for your offhand... get more dex bonuses too!

    or more eloquently via wiki:
    Also, if a character's strength bonus is higher than the character's dexterity bonus, the off-hand attack will be limited by the character's dexterity.
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    So you need maxed Strength, Edged, TWC and Dexterity to use two effectively... what fun.

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    Not necessarily edged weapons nor max STR or Dex. That is just what will vary the AS between the hands but you can be fine with different ones for each hand.

    The offhand AS being different doesn't matter much, an extra hit is still extra damage and usually the first swing would have stunned or wounded where the DS should be loweer for that offhand that has potentially lower AS.

    The only one that truly controls the effectiveness is TWC ranks (and level of target). Because failing on a swing wastes the attack point.

    a character that trains in TWC twice per level has no chance of "not finding an opening for the off-hand strike" when swinging at a target up to five levels higher than themselves. Less training reduces the chances of the off-hand strike from occurring. Training in TWC 1.5 times per level reduces the level of the guaranteed strike to like-level with the swinger, and training only once per level reduces the chances to 80% when swinging at a target that is the same level as the swinger.

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    But TWC is not only about failing to swing, it actually increases offhand AS as well, does it not?


    The AS of a swing takes into account the character's skill with the weapon itself, and their skill in TWC. 3/5ths of one's skill in the weapon type accounts for the character's AS, while 2/5ths are the character's training in TWC itself.

    Is this talking just about offhand AS or both?

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    Offhand AS.

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