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Thread: Unique one of a kind disk changer

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    Default Unique one of a kind disk changer

    Grotesque ghoul-shaped disk $100 or 22k bloodscrip
    This is a prize token that, once REDEEMed, will "Grant a custom Animated Disk (511) of: the ghoul-shaped (player's name) disk. The disk will include a unique show description. At this time, redemption of this customization will permanently disable default messaging of this spell. Please remember you must be able to cast this spell on your own in order to use the customization and that this ghoul-shaped disk does not grant you the spell."

    The show is Layered in rotted cloth bits and ichor, the blackened metal disk is a decaying, festering mass molded into the grotesque, hunched form of a ghoul with thin arms -- clad in sodden rags and tipped with filth-encrusted claws -- trailing along behind it.

    Short description is the ghoul-shaped {player's name} disk

    this is a unique disk customization with a unique show only one around of it's kind.

    has been tested by a gm with a wizard and with a black crystal and will work
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    Is this a firm price or are you open to offers or what

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    changed to a flat price. also for sale at 2310 in ushakarons warehouse of pleasure and pain
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    Got fishing titles I see finally!

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    yeah but not as many as I thought I would get. I should have fished more at eg like a bunch of the bots er I mean people and would have had all the titles I fished more with alts and had beld do digging and games. oh well lesson learned

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    added a bloodscrip option since it's getting close to duskruin again.

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