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Thread: Lich Repository/Lnet Connection Problems

  1. Default Lich Repository/Lnet Connection Problems

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to use Lich and am running into some connection issues with the Repository and LNet scripts. Briefly, they use an insecure encryption cypher, and my system is refusing to connect to them reliably.

    I'm wondering if anyone else has run into this problem, and if so what might be done to work around it until the servers get fixed?

    THanks much for any thoughts

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    Replying to my own post, but I figured out a work-around.

    Both the Repository and Lnet scripts require an SSL connection, and I discovered that if I set the SSL context's "security level," in both scripts to 0, the connections succeed. THis is obviously not a solution, but it at least will let me connect to the servers.

    I hope that a more complete answer is forthcoming.

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