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    What are the best spells to use in the Bowels so I don't blow myself up? Different spells for different creatures?
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    This is not a good hunting ground for empaths imo. Unless you're wed to WL for some reason I'd suggest moving to Illistim for Maaghara and then the Aqueducts in OTF (the ones without constructs, which are stupid and shouldn't exist).

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    1110 will ignite bowels gas because it's plasma. That means you can kill elementals with...web bolt. Or you can just ignore them and kill the other stuff.

    When I hunted the bowels, I just said fuck it and used 1110 on elementals anyhow. Though I tried to mostly let the warding cycles do the work for me so I didn't have to cast it too much. I blew myself up occasionally, but usually it didn't kill me. You could always get some ranger fire resistance put on your armor in case you blow yourself up. Or you could just hunt elsewhere.

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