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Thread: CM, Strength and Constitution Enhancives

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    Default CM, Strength, Dodging, Polearm and other Enhancives

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    Added a bunch of new stuff.

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    ill take 11
    perception and str pinworn 2m
    You remove a flask of old dirt brown ale from in your loot sack.
    >drink my ale
    You take a drink from your dirt brown ale.
    It is thick with mold.
    You have 6 quaffs left.
    You actually put that in your mouth?! Not a wise choice, if you care about your health.

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    half a dozen more added

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    Added +6 CM, +5 EMC, +2 trade neck perm, and scrip prices.

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    updated and added more

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    I'll take #5 (+5CMAN) for scrip.
    A kobold points at you and yells, "Mine! Chasin!"

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    2m on 16.

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    Added more and reduced costs for those that haven't sold yet.

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