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Thread: whats the best?

  1. Default whats the best?

    6x/10x nervestaff with T5 ensorcel

    7x/+5 mana flare, wand holder with 5x/d dispell Elem/spirit/mental wand with T5 ensorcel

    T1 7x Sprite staff

    T2 7xParasite staff

    trying to figure my best end game project

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    come on guys I need some help and input.

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    sell them all for a sigil staff!

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    nerve ------> mana / wand (but that is a pretty dope use of the dispel wand -----> parasite ------------------> sprite

    With the exception that the mana would might actually be superior in the lower levels when mana sustain is still relatively a pain. But with the exception of the sprite, i think they're all pretty damn nice options (i don't think any of the Retseroptions get good until t2+)
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