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Thread: Real time and cost of the new WPS system

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    The order of operations has changed.

    1. Forge to perfect
    2. Weight to heavy (or somewhat for blessin) via wps
    3. Enchant to whatever X
    4. Ensorcell
    5. Trick out at the HESS

    With crit randomization, more than heavy is proven a bit less useful, hence the decreasing popularity of claids.

    I took 3 pieces of armor from dark and dangerous for 2500 BS to HCP for around 25k BS each doing 20 services at a time. That's less $$ than using the PP system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koars Light View Post
    Enchant first over ensorcell? I ask because I’ve almost enough juice to finish off T5 my 5x weapon.
    I ensorcell'd first, haven't encountered many problems. But my wiz is pretty high level so I haven't had anything to compare it to. Generally they say ensorc makes the project more difficult to enchant, and recommend enchanting first.
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