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Thread: 9x Phenomenally damage padded golvern plate

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    Thumbs up 9x Phenomenally damage padded golvern plate

    Taking offers on Some Spiked Black Golvern Plate

    Lots of roundtime stack or long stuns won’t matter when you wear this plate since the critters can rarely drain enough blood before the RT stack or stun wear off. Taking just 1 pt of damage on 200+ endrolls is typical.

    9x full plate.
    Phenomenally damage padded (30.29/1,529 services)
    Lightly crit padded (2.0 pts/20 services)
    max light

    It would take many years (decades?) under current WPS offerings before you could get padding anywhere near to this level

    plate is SOLD
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    lol @ IDDQD

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    Awesome stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lupine1732 View Post

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    Makes sense now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koars Light View Post
    >exam black plate

    You examine some spiked black golvern plate.There seems to be something written upon it.
    >read plate
    In the Common it reads:

    The full description is "some spiked black golvern plate enscribed with the image of an anteater standing upright"

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