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Thread: a frayed leather harness (scripty front worn harness)

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    Default a frayed leather harness (scripty front worn harness)

    J>>wear harn
    You slip the leather harness around your shoulders and buckle it over your massive dwarven plate tightly, adjusting your gear for easy use.

    J>look harn
    The leather harness is composed of several straps, some lined with a row of slots for smaller bladed weapons or wands, while a series of straps lines the backing. Hanging from the harness are large sacks, narrow tubes, small pouches, and containers.

    J>put pike in harn
    Reaching over your shoulder, you secure your dwarven war pike into a series of straps on the back of your leather harness.

    J>>remove harn
    You unbuckle the leather harness and shrug out of the various straps, freeing yourself from it.

    J>inspect harn
    You carefully inspect your leather harness.

    You estimate that a frayed leather harness can store a fairly large amount with enough space for any number of items.

    You determine that you could wear the harness over your front. The harness appears to serve some purpose.

    You remember that you registered this item a couple months ago.

    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of leather.

    J>>anal harn
    You analyze your leather harness and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    The leather harness is unlocked, but could be unlocked once more. It has 12 verbs.

    When altering, keep in mind that the harness's messaging references large and small containers, and a row of weapon slots and straps. These can all be altered by a skilled merchant. The containers should remain plural. Currently, they are set to slots (wands and small weapons), straps (belted weapons), a series of straps (back weapons), large sacks (bundled weapons), narrow tubes (paper and scrolls), small pouches (trinkets), and containers (anything else).

    You can tell that the harness is as light as it can get and that its pockets could not possibly get any deeper.

    J>weigh harn
    You carefully examine the leather harness and determine that the weight is about 2 pounds.

    Holds 60 lb.

    MB 1 bloodscrip
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    Oh crap, I completely forgot about this auction, sorry. Let's go straight to going twice! If no more bids, sold this evening!

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    SOLD, contact Kupaka in game for pick up

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