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Thread: Extremely Nice UAC Boots + more UAC gear!

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    Default Extremely Nice UAC Boots + more UAC gear!

    I have some matte black leather footwraps heeled in incarnadine mesh that are:

    6x (+30) enchanted
    VHCW - 12 points of weighting
    Bubble Flaring - 10 points of damage padding when they flare
    T5 Ensorcelled

    I love these boots to death, but I am probably going another route with my equipment! Looking for a good chunk of bloodscrip to sell them.

    Also for sale - matching pair of 7x gloves and boots, both T1 ensorcelled, blessable, no weighting added at this time, and have minor fluff scripts (WEAR, REMOVE, PULL, TAP).

    some sleek panther hide gloves
    some sleek panther hide boots

    15k Bloodscrip for the pair! Great for adding weighting at WPS, or flares if you're inclined to remove their ability to be blessed.

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    7x matching pair of gloves/boots gone.
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