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Thread: Does armor resistance reduce wound rank or only damage?

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    Default Does armor resistance reduce wound rank or only damage?

    I'm still annoyed by getting minors from 1 point of damage. Does resistance get applied before other calculations? I.e. if I add resistance to armor will it reduce probability of small wounds or does it only apply to damage points?

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    Warrior puncture resistance at 50 percent definitely prevented a number of deaths vs cman charge so I think it's prior to other calculations

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    I agree with rolfard. Now that i have 30% impact resist, I am checking what kind of effect it has on gem purifying failures. Definitely decreases damage on those failures - I think crit too but trying to gather more data.
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    I may be entirely wrong.. but even with all resists, there are some things that will always just give you a minor regardless of spells or resistance you have on your armor.. waerns come to mind as an example and kiramon, it doesn't cause you to lose the weapon... and it doesn't care if you are capped with 3x dodge sometimes it hits you and you've got a minor hand wound. even if only 1 pt of hp was gone, and 3 second rt

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    i don't think any amount of resistance or padding can reduce something under a rank 1 wound
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    Ahh, a good point, my 95% fire resist ranger armor definitely works before crit calculation, not just before damage calaculation. Whether it leaves minors or not, I dont recall, but it definitely takes things from R2 or R3 to below R2.
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